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How I perform a Cisco Safe Harbour ??

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Recently I heard about the Cisco program called " Safe Harbour ". I went through the document which described what is Safe Harbour. But I couldn't find that , if i want to perform it what's the exact method of doing it ???

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No it's not.  Safe Harbour is Cisco's way of saying "this IOS version (with Safe Harbour) is STABLE******.".  It's not a service.  

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Leo Laohoo
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"Safe Harbour" is a Cisco term saying "We've tested this BLAH software and concluded that it's stable in most common deployed scenario".  

Hi Leo,

Is it something like SMARTNET , do we have to buy the service ?? If so is it worth ;) ?

No it's not.  Safe Harbour is Cisco's way of saying "this IOS version (with Safe Harbour) is STABLE******.".  It's not a service.  

Thanks Leo ,

One thing , could you please let me know how I can initiate this ??

I don't understand your meaning "how I can initiate this".  Initiate what?  

Dear Leo,

Sorry that I confused you, what I don't actually understand is how this program works.

After few readings what I understood was this is mainly for Cisco 6000 series and Cisco release Safe Harbour version of IOS where users can upgrade their HW.


correct me please if i'm wrong :( ??

Ok, let me more "blunt".  The Safe Harbour program is a Cisco-initiated program.  It is designed to give network administrators (and IT Managers) of LARGE-to very-VERY-LARGE organization a "warm and fuzzy feeling" about the quality of the IOS they are running.  


So what Cisco products and where are these products used?  Appliances located in the CORE.  So you'll see some of the high-end appliances, like 4500, 4500-X, large routers, like the ASR1K, ASR9K, 6500/7600 and many more.  You will seldom see Catalyst 2K or 3K sporting a Safe Harbour badge. 


Exactly what are you trying to do or achieve?

Thanks Leo,


Ok I have a ASR1001 & ASR 1002 , how can I know the quality of my IOS ???

how can I know the quality of my IOS ??

There is no such thing as a "bug free" software (otherwise MS would've been laughing all the way to the bank).  


I personally upgrade the IOS of my appliances (routers, switches, wireless, etc.) as often as I can.  Unless you are hitting bugs, one after another, a majority of the people just "sit" on their IOS and this is fine.   Some people upgrade because they are hitting bugs or their appliances crashed.  Some upgrade because they want to get out of potential security vulnerability.  Some upgrade because of feature requirement in other IOS versions.  At the end of the day, it's YOU who makes the decision, Safe Harbour or not.  

Thanks Leo

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