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How long must be the ftp cable cat5?


Hi, I am in situation where one device and switch  each other  are connected over FTP CAT 5 patch cable . 
The FTP 5 patch cable is 100.3 metres.

The result is that the state of port in the switch is connected, the port is up, protocol is up, link is up, but I don't see mac address of connected device.

The first thing what I see is that the cable is toooo long! 
The second thing what I see is that  ftp cable is with bad category.

How can I troubleshot the problem?
I can only cut 5 or 10 metres of ftp cable but I am not sure  that  will help.
Maybe only with change category type of ftp cable to Cat 6 ?
And with  short cable not long more than 80 metres?

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Reza Sharifi
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What is FTP cable? Not sure if I understand.

You mean UTP?

Anyway, in most cases,100.3 meters should not be an issue. What is the speed of the port?




The cable is like the cable in the picture:

изтеглен файл.jpg

The switch is Cisco 2960 Poe with fast ethernet interfaces.
The end device is Teletonika 3G router RUT230.

The speed hm I forgot to try to set the different speeds.

The port of cisco  switch is Fast Ethernet.

The  lan port of Teletonika 3G router RUT230 is with these parameters:
1 x LAN port, 10/100 Mbps, comply IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u standards, supports auto MDI/MDIX.

I am not sure what is wrong,

The cable is okay I tested it with fluke.
I crimped  two sides of the cable with standard B.
And I tested the cable with wire map testing.
And everyting is okay with wire map tests.

I start to think about the cable cat 5E is the problem.
Because this cable travels 100 metres with more other network cables before reach the telecomunication room, before reach the Cisco switch.

If Layer 1makes problems then I can't see mac address in layer 2 and Ip address in layer 3 right?
But the port of Cisco switch is up and link is up and status is connected?

I don't think cat 5e cable with 100Mb speed is the issue. If it was, the interface on the switch would not go to up and up mode. Also, 100 meters is standard, but you can probably go a little bit above that.


Hi, I tried full duplex and half duplex, speeds 10 and 100, but nothing is happend.

What can I check more to troubleshot the problem?

I think I can go close to Teletonika 3G Router RUT230.
I know the default IP address of Teletonika Router,
I can set laptop with static IP address in the same network, for example
I can check comunication with short cable between Laptop and Teletonika  with 100 metres cables.

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