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How to copy the configuration of a Cisco N3K-c3048tp-1ge VER01 to another Cisco N3K switch.

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Hi, I have a Cisco N3K C3048 switch that is currently running in place and would like to export its configuration and imported into another (same model) C3048 to have it as a backup. Is there a special way to do this? I normally use TFTPd64 and putty to export and import configuration files on other Cisco switches,  but for some reason on this model I'm having a hard time. 

I normally use these commands

copy running-config tftp:

enter the IP address of the computer currently connected to the switch via the console

Done, the configuration transfers to the pc.


When trying to do this on this switch I'm getting this message.- see attached image.

Also when I try to see the IP address of the switch I'm getting the message Ip interface Status for VRF default. I have never seen this message.


Can you assist me with this?

Thanks in advance.




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If you click the same where you see the server interface, in the pull-down you can see the IP address, so you need to use that IP address.


you can use example guide :



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The address of is a loopback address. I am not sure why that address shows up on the display from the server. But trying to use that as the address for the tftp copy from the switch can not work. Find the IP address that the tftp server is using and use that IP in the copy command on the switch.




I made the changes and per the link you provide me. I used this command;

copy tftp:// running-config > pressed enter

I received this message after pressing enter in the above command " Enter vrf (if no input, current vrf default is considered.

- the server tries to connect but fails with message: tftp get operation failed. No route to host. - see attached image.


FYI, I have an ethernet cable connected to the switch in the MGMT port and from the host(a laptop) I can ping the IP of the switch.


Let's start with simple steps :


1. Make sure you able to ping the TFTP Server from the device you copy

2. #ping - is this ping OK  success - move to next step, if not fix the connectivity between PC and Device.

3. Once ping success -  copy tftp:// flash:running-config


Note  I see this is nexus device ? then if you connecting using Management port you need to use VRF Management and bootflash:


show vrf can give you information.



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I believe I figured it out. This is what I did;


NexusSwitch# conf t
NexusSwitch(config)# vrf context management
ip route

NexusSwitch(config-vrf)# copy running-config tftp:
Enter destination filename: [NexusSwitch-running-config]
Enter vrf (If no input, current vrf 'default' is considered): management
Enter hostname for the tftp server:
Trying to connect to tftp server......
Connection to Server Established.
TFTP put operation was successful
Copy complete, now saving to disk (please wait)...


Is this fine? I'm testing this on a switch that is not in production. If I run these commands to export the configuration from a switch currently in production, will it disrupt the service or make changes that could affect the network? 

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