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How to extend a Network by joining it with Another Network

Dear Experts, 

Thank you all for your time and appreciate for any support. 


Please review the attachment. I have 2 Individual Networks currently isolated from each other. Network-1 & Network-2 (N1 & N2).

N1 is located in one Geographical location (G1). 

N2 is Located in another geographical location(G2) & also extends to separate geographical location (G3). G2 & G3 are already connected to each other over Fiber network and N2 is accessible in G2 & G3 both. 

Since, N1 & N2 are separate networks, they have their own IP ranges. 


Please note that there is a Fiber network available between G1 & G2 And between G2 & G3. But there is no Fibre network between G1 & G3. 


My requirement is to access N1 Server of G1 Location by installing a client station in G3. for this, I somehow need to integrate N1 & N2 at G2 Location. So that in G3 using the same switch I can access N1 also. 


I hope i explained my situation as clear as possible. 

Can you please advice on what I need to do at G2 Location so as to integrate N1 & N2. So, that i can access N1 from G3 Location. 


Many Thanks for your support. 


Rajesh Kothari. 


How to extend a Network by joining it with Another Network

VIP Collaborator

did you do any search on the internet before you asked? this is basic routing!

if there are no overlapping addressing, then the configuration is straightforward.

G1 needs to know the subnets for G3 are reachable through G2 and vica versa .

this can be done by configuring status routes or by using a dynamic routing protocol


- first setup each individual site G1, G2 G3 (G2, G3 allready done)

- on G1 configure G2 as the next-hop for the networks of G3

- on G3 configure G2 as the next-hop for the networks of G1


details depend on the rest of your configuration.


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