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HSRP issue

Level 1
Level 1

We have two 6500 series core switches , HSRP running between them. The servers and the access layer switches are terminated on these core switches.Everything was running normal when one evening the users of one vlan(444) were unable to access the server farm.

As soon as we shut down the interface vlan 444 on core switch B the users were able to access the servers.

Below are the logs of core switch B when the issue occured:

1y31w: %STANDBY-3-DIFFVIP1: Vlan444 Group 1 active routers virtual IP address is different to the locally configured address

1y31w: %STANDBY-3-DIFFVIP1: Vlan444 Group 1 active routers virtual IP address is different to the locally configured address

There are two reasons why the STANDBY-3-DIFFVIP1 error message occurs:

-The virtual IP address in the hello packets sent by the active router does not match with the virtual IP address configured on the standby routers for the same group. The root cause for this error is the virtual IP address misconfiguration on any of the HSRP routers.

-There is inter-VLAN leakage due to bridging loops in the switch.


There is no issue with the HSRP configuration we've checked thoroughly. Can anyone guide how to check inter-VLAN leakage.



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Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Shaihan,

You can follow the below troubleshooting steps:

  1. Identify the path that the packets should take between end nodes.

    If there is a router on this path, complete these steps:

    1. Troubleshoot the path from the first switch to the router.

    2. Troubleshoot the path from the router to the second switch.

  2. Connect to each switch on the path and check the status of the ports that are used on the path between end nodes.

Also look at the below link that might help you.

Please mark the thread as resolved if your query has been answered.



Thanx Swati,

I've seen the documentation but practically how would you do that.


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