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Internet Connection Issue with Linksys SRW2048 Switch

I have a problem with my switch. The model no. of the switch is as follows:

Linksys SRW2048 10/100/1000 48 Ports

Serial No: RJT00GC00395 GGR2906 MM

What I am trying to do?

1. I am creating a home computer lab. I do have 3 servers HP ProLiant DL 385 G1. Two of them have 6 gigabit ports where as the third server         has 2 gigabit ports.

2. Installed ESXi 5.1 on two servers where as installed FreeNAS on the third server and configured it as iSCSI storage and NFS storage.


1. Every port works perfectly fine. However, when I keep connecting the ports of the switch to the ports of servers, internet gets disconnected.

2. Interestingly, my wireless internet also gets disconnected, the ports of the switch does not have any internet now.

3. This happens till I connect above 8-9 ports of the switch  to the servers.

3. However, when I remove the connection between the switch and the servers, internet comes, wireless internet starts working; and the port of         the switch also gets internet connection when I check the internet connection of the individual ports one at a time.

Some more information:

I do have internet service provided by Time Warner Cable. My internet speed is as follows:

Download Speed: Up to 15 Mbps

Upload Speed: Up to 1 Mbps

I do have a modem cum router by Motorola which has 4 gigabit ports.

Model no: Motorola SURFboard SBG6580

I am assuming it is some thing related to bandwidth of the internet. But do not know for real. Please somebody help.

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The speed of your Internet shouldn't have anything do with this issue.


what happens if you disconnect a server from the switch and connect a PC or laptop to the same port with the correct IP and gateway?

Do you get Internet access?

Is this an unmanaged switch?



Yes, I am using the correct IP and correct gateway. If I am using only couple of any ports, it works fine, either I connect to the server or to a laptop. The issue comes when I connect more ports to other devices (servers).When I keep connecting the ports of the switch to other devices, it keeps working till I connect 10 or 12 ports.Then suddenly, the internet goes off. Even the wireless does not work.  Keep mind that I do have modem which is a wireless router as well. And the switch is connected to the same modem. Then again, after I remove all the connections from the switch, my internet comes and I can see wireless connections as well.

This is a managed switch. I got it from ebay. However, since it is a used switch, I do not have any access to web view. Cannot even reset cause there is no reset button or hole in it.


Hi Pradip, the only way to reset the switch is to log the console then try to write the firmware over using xmodem. But that is off topic.  Since you're a bit stuck, is it possible to test a different switch, any switch, connecting the said devices through a switch to the modem and see if the problem persists?

It almost sounds like either your modem runs out of IP address (may be no NAT or enough DHCP POOL) or the modem can't handle the traffic load.

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Hello Tom,

I tested that with different switch. I do have two ordinary switches having 5 ports each. No issue is seen when I connect the device with these two switches. However, these two switches have just 5 ports each so I need more ports to connect to my device.

For your second question. I am using 192.168.0. X network. And the modem is configured for DHCP from to I have preserved IP address from to to give static IP addresses to the device I will be connecting directly via ethernet cable through the switch. I hardly have 5 device connecting through wireless and using DHCP.

I checked the specification of the modem and found this:

"Extensible networking, allowing customer to network up to 253 desktop computers, laptops and other Ethernet or wireless devices" so the question of running out of IP address and NAT does not come.

For the specification of the modem, please check the below link:

Please suggest.

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