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Linux jump stations setup

Frank Osberg

Hi all,


Ok I have a small issue that I hope all your smart brians can solve for me. :) 


I am setting up a linux jump stations that has to be used for connection to our switches etc, instead of direct access to things. 

I am setting up a records for all switches etc, so the plan is that I just want to type in the a record name of the switch and it will connect to it. 

fx. We did this on my old job, but I cannot remeber what it toke to get this done. 

So what I was thinking of doing was making a small bash file pr. switch, where you have the following command in



So my problem is here....


1: How do I get it to list all the records that I have using my tab?


2: How can I do this without having to use ssh infront fx. ssh, so simple just type in the switchename etc. or do I have to put in ssh in front? 


3: in the bash script do I need something else in here or what do you think?? 


Hope that someone can help me with a solution here on :) 



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Francesco Molino
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

First of all, there is a tool that do that and much more. It's called Rancid. You can take a look, is very simple to install.

To do auto completion, you need to configure a bash completion script. Here is a link where there was already a discussion:

Try that and if that doesn't work let me know I'll help you.

To avoid typing ssh in front of each switch names, you gonna need to do alias in a .bashrc file.

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