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mac address notification sending to local syslog possible ?

paul amaral

Currently I have mac notification sending snmp traps on add/del changes. This is working with no issues and I do get the SNMP trap on your trap/log server. The issue is that there is no notification locally on the Cisco device itself. Is there a way to have the mac address notification be shown on the syslog itself, although I have looked and did not find this possible. I was also trying to figure out if SNMP trap trigger for mac notification changes would not only send the trap to the log server but also display the trap on the local syslog, but this too seems to no be supported. 

My other alternative is to run an EEM script but Im not sure what OID I would be monitoring on an NNI trunk interface with multiple mac addresses. 

I'm basically just trying to get alerted when a mac address is deleted on and ARP entry expires on a trunk interface, not sure if there is something better than the mac notification what will alert me to stale arp/mac addresses and display the relevant info on the syslog.



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MHM Cisco World
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can you try DAI, this can produce log message you can use for IP-MAC. 

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