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ME3600 upgrade procedure.


Hi everyone,

I noticed that while upgrade (152-2.S2) there is no infirmation about update process on console.

#archive download-sw /over tftp://

Loading upgrade-sw/me360x-universalk9-tar.152-4.S1.tar from (via TenGigabitEthernet0/1): !!!!!

Oct 22 20:12:53: %PLATFORM_NCEF-3-ADJ:

Null interface handle for if_number 4237 Adj hdl 155715216,Midchain Adj NO -Traceback= 641DD8z 2C283B0z 2C18040z 2C19DE4z 2C1C06Cz 2C14358z 3441F8z 37C94Cz 37E44Cz 37E8A0z 3DF34Cz 3DF440z A55630z 2C687BCz 2C63C80z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


[OK - 26818560 bytes]

Loading upgrade-sw/me360x-universalk9-tar.152-4.S1.tar from (via TenGigabitEthernet0/1): !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oct 22 20:14:27: %SYS-1-CPURISINGTHRESHOLD: Threshold: Total CPU Utilization(Total/Intr): 84%/0%, Top 3 processes(Pid/Util): 250/77%, 82/2%, 77/1%

But defore for example we could see:

Switch # archive tar / xtract tftp :/ / flash:Loading me360x-universalk9-tar.151-2.EY1a.tar from (via GigabitEthernet0):!me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2.EY1a / (directory)-universalk9 me360x-mz.151-2.EY1a / html / (directory)

extracting me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2.EY1a/html/foo.html (0 bytes)extracting me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2.EY1a/me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2 . EY1a.bin (21,618,137me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2.EY1a/psoc.dld (34 378 bytes)extracting me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2.EY1a/controlfpga.bin (235 868 bytes)!extracting me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2 .EY1a/me360x-mfpga.bit (2.91781 million bytes)!!!extracting me360x-universalk9-mz.151-2.EY1a/info (379 bytes)extracting info (89 bytes)[OK - 24821760 bytes]

Is it cosmetic issue?



Arumugam Muthaiah
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee



  • To download the image file from the TFTP server to the switch by entering this privileged EXEC command
    Switch# archive download-sw tftp:[[//location]/directory]/image-name.tar
  • The installation process extracts the tar file with all the files and the IOS image, and sets the BOOT directory to the created directory in flash memory. The process takes approximately 5 to 10 minutes, and at some stages might appear to have stopped.
  • The switch is configured to boot automatically, but you can enter the show boot privileged EXEC command to verify the boot path list and see if a manual boot is necessary.

Switch # archive tar / xtract tftp :/ / flash:

- This helps to creates a tar file, lists the files in a tar file, or extracts the files from a tar file.

This doesnt looks like any defect. Please see the below doc for a reference.




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Thanks so much for posting this, Arumugam Muthaiah! Very helpful!

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