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mismatch of Hw version - CATALYST 6509


Can anyone help me with the case below:
I'm trying to replace a SUP module on Cisco CATALYST 6509. (Cat OS)
After I insert the new module I got the error:

SYS-5-SUP_REDMISMATCH:Standby supervisor 2 redundancy/power mgmt board detection mismatch

and then

%SYS-5-SUP_IMGSYNCSTART:Active supervisor is synchronizing bootflash:cat6000-sup2k8.7-6-3.bin
%SYS-5-SUP_IMGSYNCFINISH:Active supervisor has synchronized bootflash:cat6000-sup2k8.7-6-3.bin

Show version, shows:
Switch6500> (enable) sh ver

PS1  Module: WS-CAC-2500W    Serial #: ART055000QD
PS2  Module: WS-CAC-2500W    Serial #: ART0546001Y

Mod Port Model               Serial #    Versions
--- ---- ------------------- ----------- --------------------------------------
1   2    WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE     SAD055002F9 Hw : 3.2
                                         Fw : 6.1(4)
                                         Fw1: 6.1(3)
                                         Sw : 7.6(3)
                                         Sw1: 7.6(3)
         WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE     SAD055002F9 Hw : 3.2
                                         Sw :
2   2    WS-X6K-SUP2-2GE     SAD044909UL Hw : 2.17
                                         Fw : 7.1(1)
                                         Fw1: 6.1(3)
                                         Sw : 7.6(3)
                                         Sw1: 7.6(3)
The error is related with the mismatch of Hw version?

Also, after insert the new module I cannot see the new msfc module in show module.

It can be resolved for any way or I need to get a new SUP module with the same Hw version?

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Ivan Shirshin
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Jefry,

Do you have enough available power in the system for 2nd supervisor?

Such errors message are reported is there is some type of mismatch between two supervisor modules.

It is a generic error called when the amount of power drawn by the standby supervisor is not the same as the active one, causing the standby not to boot properly; this in turn causes the standby not to reply from active supervisor's polling, causing redundancy to fail.

Causes of this issue are the following:

- Mismatching HW, e.g. different DRAM amount

- Faulty supervisor (or Supervisor with different ROMMON/hardware version)

- Faulty chassis

- Seating problem

Check if the they have matching memory amount and reseat the chips (especially on MSFC as you mention it is not detected). If DRAM is fine but the issue is still seen, you are likely to have HW failure (dead MSFC for example) and need to replace the problem supervisor.

Kind Regards,

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