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MSTP On Devices Utilizing Etherchannel


I have been doing lab work in preparation for the 300-115 test schedule for next week. Specifically, I was working on Ether-channel configurations and then transitioned to configuring MSTP utilizing the previously configured links (2 ports bundled into and Ether-channel). It's a basic config with 6 VLAN's and 3 MST instances (0,1,2) and the VLAN's distributed evenly between instance 1 and 2 . After successfully configuring MSTP, the stp info for instance 1 & 2 comes back with "No mst information available for instance(s) 1 or 2.

This happened whether I used PAgP, LACP or the "On" configuration

When I utilized 802.1q trunks between the devices, MSTP worked as expected.

I've searched and read a bunch of documentation and can't find a specific statement that MSTP can or can't be used over Ether-channel.

Can anyone help upgrade my knowledge in this area? Thank you in advance.

HW: 3X3560G running 12.2(55)SE10

Associated Info"

Group Port-channel Protocol Ports
13 Po13(SU) LACP Gi0/43(P) Gi0/44(P)
23 Po23(SU) LACP Gi0/45(P) Gi0/46(P)

SW3#sh spann
SW3#sh spanning-tree mst 0

##### MST0 vlans mapped: 1-9,11-19,21-29,31-39,41-49,51-59,61-4094
Bridge address 0021.a1b8.1680 priority 32768 (32768 sysid 0)
Root address 0019.30d1.0880 priority 32768 (32768 sysid 0)
port Po23 path cost 0
Regional Root address 0019.30d1.0880 priority 32768 (32768 sysid 0)
internal cost 10000 rem hops 19
Operational hello time 2 , forward delay 15, max age 20, txholdcount 6
Configured hello time 2 , forward delay 15, max age 20, max hops 20

Interface Role Sts Cost Prio.Nbr Type
---------------- ---- --- --------- -------- --------------------------------
Po13 Desg FWD 10000 128.152 P2p
Po23 Root FWD 10000 128.232 P2p

SW3#sh spanning-tree mst 1

No mst information available for instance(s) 1.

SW3#sh spanning-tree mst 2

No mst information available for instance(s) 2.

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Figured it out. Had a bad config on the individual ports. Weren't set up as trunks.


I did the same test on VMware, I found the same issue as yours. I could not find any evidence to show MST can or cannot run over Ethernetchannel. 5 years passed, seems like there is still no answer, lol

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