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Need help with Campus LAN building design

Hey everyone,

I'm currently studying in a program at College call Internet Communications Technology. I am working on a final project in my Physical layer class. Basically the final project is to design the telecom closets and network infastructure for a 3 level building.

We never really covered the capabilities of certain cisco hardware so I'm looking for a little guidance in what to select.

Basically we have between 300 - 400 people on each level. So we require 1148 cables. We need an additional 134 PoE connections for our phones and WAP's  I was going to VLAN each floor and then use VLANS on the floors themselves.

On the main floor we will accept the fiber from the main section of the campus for the internet access and branch that out to the other telecom closets in the building using a single mode fiber cable.

I was taking a look at some gear and this is where I am confused. I will require 1 fiber input from the campus and then I need 3 switches on each floor accepting fiber as there are 3 major areas on each floor. So each end of the floor has an auditorium with 170 people and then the middle.

I was looking at using the Cisco Catalyst 2960-48PST-L - switch - 48 ports - managed - rack-mountable for our access layer switches in the telecom closets at the end... But I'm not really sure what to use for our core/distribution gear so I believe I would need 1 router on the main floor which can do all the interVLAN routing via fiber links between floors but then I would require a router on both floors 2 and 3 for the interVLAN routing on each floor. I would then need 3 main distribution switches on each floor. The switches I'm thinking could be smaller port based like a 12 or 24 port based switch as they would really just be there for accepting the fiber link from the main router on the first floor and branching that to the other telecom closets on the floor.

Just looking for a little guidance here.

Thanks everyone,



Hi Mike,

You can go for WS-C3560E-12D-E switch for distribution/core. you can use this switch with 1Gig/10Gig fiber. If you go with 10Gig u wll require X2-10GB-SR module along with that. If you go with 1 Gig you will require CVR-X2-SFP and GLC-SX-MM.

This switch gives 12 port 10G ports / 24 1 Gig Ports.


Cisco Catalyst 3560E-12SD-ca 12-port SFP Gigabit Ethernet switch with 2 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplink ports



Hi Fazleabbas,

So essentially I can use this instead of having a router on level one and feed it up to the access layer switches which I'm thinking of using the Cisco Catalyst 2960S-48LPS-L so I can use the flexstack module functionality.

I'm pretty unfamiliar with how fiber works with hardware as our professor never really covered anything for this project. So the C3560E can do the inter VLAN operations I need and act as a default gateway out or should I still have a router in the building to receive and push packets to the main campus TC?

We're really only spec'ing the one building so we just need to be able to accept a fiber link into the building.




I suggest that u use a 3750 12 port SFP switch which will give u more power and ports.

U can connect all u r 2960's to this switch which will do intervlan routing.

How is the connection coming form your campus i.e. is through fiber or something else.

If it is coming from fiber then u can utilize one of the ports on 3750 make it as a routed port.


Hi Melo,

You can go for either 3560E or 3750 as suggested by Mahmood cauz later gives you more power.

Yes 3560 can do intervlan routing and it can also work as default gateway.

Please let me know After core/distribution switch how your connectivity will be?

Regarding can have 1G uplinks from your access layer to core/distribution layer.

Since you are doing fiber cabling inside campus you will be using a Multimode fiber. For Fiber splicing part you can contact Passive vendor they may help you out on that.


How do you use the module? Do I just need the 1 or 1 for each port I am using?