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Need some help with forwarding traffic from one subnet to another


Hi all,

I’ve configured a small WLAN for a school that wants to have wireless network access for their staff as well as for guests doing presentations. They want the staff to have access to everything on the /24 network as well as the Internet. They want the guests to only have access to the Internet.

I have attached a picture which shows how the network has been configured with 4 Cisco AP1242G AP’s attached to a Cisco SF302-08MP PoE switch and then to a Symantec Security Gateway to the Internet.

I can authenticate wirelessly to the STAFF SSID and ping anything on the /24 network and access the Internet.

I can authenticate wirelessly to the GUEST SSID and ping anything on the /24 network, but not anything on the /24 network (which is what we want). However, when on the GUEST network you can’t access the Internet. I added a default route to the Cisco 302-08MP switch to (Symantec firewall) thinking that would forward the traffic from /24 to the Symantec firewall out to the Internet, but that isn’t working.

How would I go about getting the traffic from /24 to hit the Symantec firewall and the Internet, without hitting anything else on /24? Do I need to put the Symantec firewall in a different subnet like /24? Am I missing anything else?

I’ve worked with Extreme Networks & HP / 3Com CLI in the past, but never with Cisco and never with web based management. I volunteered to help this small private school with their network setup, but I need some help to get past this hurdle. Any direction / assistance anyone can provide would be very much appreciated!!!



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Does your Symantec Gateway has a route back to network?

Hope this helps


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