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Not able to ping another default gateway of one of my vlan from a computer that is in a different vlan.


Hi team,

I'm having an issue on 3 of my 4507 switches where there are 12 switches that we have that all are connected to my 7K Core switch all switches are on Transparent Mode and they all have the same VLAN but from one of the switches that I'm having an issue if I have a pc connected to VLAN 204 on the switch that is having issues I'm not able to ping the pc but is getting a DHCP address but if I move the pc to another switch that is not having the issue I'm able to ping the pc, but on the switch that I'm having the issue if I have the pc on VLAN 204 I'm not able to ping all my switches but if I put the pc on a different VLAN on the same switch that I'm having the issue I'm able to ping all my switches any thoughts on this need help thank you.

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i would like to see more information from Pc and switch configuration of the device connected and any ACL involved in the Switch ?


from switch


show run 


from device which not able to ping


ipconfig /all



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See below i'm able to ping another switch from a pc on vlan 204 but not the second swtichpc config.PNG

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on a side note, have you tried to reboot one of the 'problem' switches, and if not, can you do that and check if the problem persists ?

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