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NTP Distribution Disabled

Hey All,

I am attempting to get NTP working in a closed area (no access to internet). I am running a pair of Nexus 9000s, one of which is to act as the time server. Following the configuration guide below:


After entering config t, entering "ntp distribute" results in an unknown command error. There is only one VDC on this switch. Feature ntp was entered already (although it doesn't show in the running config), and re-entering returns a response that NTP is enabled. Entering "ntp ?" doesn't show distribute, commit or abort as an option.


Any ideas would be welcome,


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Can you post show version and show feature.


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show ver
Cisco Nexus Operating System (NX-OS) Software
TAC support:
Copyright (C) 2002-2017, Cisco and/or its affiliates.
All rights reserved.
The copyrights to certain works contained in this software are
owned by other third parties and used and distributed under their own
licenses, such as open source. This software is provided "as is," and unless
otherwise stated, there is no warranty, express or implied, including but not
limited to warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose.
Certain components of this software are licensed under
the GNU General Public License (GPL) version 2.0 or
GNU General Public License (GPL) version 3.0 or the GNU
Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Version 2.1 or
Lesser General Public License (LGPL) Version 2.0.
A copy of each such license is available at and and and

BIOS: version 08.32
NXOS: version 7.0(3)I6(1)
BIOS compile time: 10/18/2016
NXOS image file is: bootflash:///nxos.7.0.3.I6.1.bin
NXOS compile time: 5/16/2017 22:00:00 [05/17/2017 06:21:28]

cisco Nexus9000 C9504 (4 Slot) Chassis ("Supervisor Module")
Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2403 v2 @ 1.80GHz with 16401012 kB of memory.
Processor Board ID FOC212733G2

Device name: xxxxxxxxx
bootflash: 21693714 kB
Kernel uptime is 539 day(s), 1 hour(s), 31 minute(s), 38 second(s)

Last reset
Reason: Unknown
System version: 7.0(3)I6(1)

Core Plugin, Ethernet Plugin

Active Package(s):

show feature
Feature Name Instance State
-------------------- -------- --------
bash-shell 1 disabled
bfd 1 disabled
bgp 1 disabled
bulkstat 1 disabled
cable-management 1 disabled
catena 1 disabled
container-tracker 1 disabled
macsec 1 disabled
dhcp 1 enabled
eigrp 1 enabled
eigrp 2 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 3 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 4 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 5 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 6 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 7 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 8 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 9 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 10 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 11 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 12 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 13 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 14 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 15 enabled(not-running)
eigrp 16 enabled(not-running)
eth-port-sec 1 disabled
evb 1 disabled
evc 1 disabled
evmed 1 disabled
fabric-access 1 disabled
fabric_mcast 1 disabled
hmm 1 disabled
hsrp_engine 1 enabled
icam 1 disabled
imp 1 disabled
interface-vlan 1 enabled
isis 1 disabled
isis 2 disabled
isis 3 disabled
isis 4 disabled
isis 5 disabled
isis 6 disabled
isis 7 disabled
isis 8 disabled
isis 9 disabled
isis 10 disabled
isis 11 disabled
isis 12 disabled
isis 13 disabled
isis 14 disabled
isis 15 disabled
isis 16 disabled
itd 1 disabled
l2vpn 1 disabled
lacp 1 enabled
ldap 1 disabled
ldp 1 disabled
lldp 1 enabled
mpls-evpn 1 disabled
mpls_oam 1 disabled
mpls_static 1 disabled
msdp 1 disabled
mvrp 1 disabled
nat 1 disabled
nbm 1 disabled
ngoam 1 disabled
npiv 1 disabled
nve 1 disabled
nxapi 1 disabled
nxsdk_app1 1 disabled
nxsdk_app10 1 disabled
nxsdk_app11 1 disabled
nxsdk_app12 1 disabled
nxsdk_app13 1 disabled
nxsdk_app14 1 disabled
nxsdk_app15 1 disabled
nxsdk_app16 1 disabled
nxsdk_app17 1 disabled
nxsdk_app18 1 disabled
nxsdk_app19 1 disabled
nxsdk_app2 1 disabled
nxsdk_app20 1 disabled
nxsdk_app21 1 disabled
nxsdk_app22 1 disabled
nxsdk_app23 1 disabled
nxsdk_app24 1 disabled
nxsdk_app25 1 disabled
nxsdk_app26 1 disabled
nxsdk_app27 1 disabled
nxsdk_app28 1 disabled
nxsdk_app29 1 disabled
nxsdk_app3 1 disabled
nxsdk_app30 1 disabled
nxsdk_app31 1 disabled
nxsdk_app32 1 disabled
nxsdk_app4 1 disabled
nxsdk_app5 1 disabled
nxsdk_app6 1 disabled
nxsdk_app7 1 disabled
nxsdk_app8 1 disabled
nxsdk_app9 1 disabled
nxsdk_mgr 1 disabled
onep 1 disabled
openflow 1 disabled
ospf 1 disabled
ospf 2 disabled
ospf 3 disabled
ospf 4 disabled
ospf 5 disabled
ospf 6 disabled
ospf 7 disabled
ospf 8 disabled
ospf 9 disabled
ospf 10 disabled
ospf 11 disabled
ospf 12 disabled
ospf 13 disabled
ospf 14 disabled
ospf 15 disabled
ospf 16 disabled
ospfv3 1 disabled
ospfv3 2 disabled
ospfv3 3 disabled
ospfv3 4 disabled
ospfv3 5 disabled
ospfv3 6 disabled
ospfv3 7 disabled
ospfv3 8 disabled
ospfv3 9 disabled
ospfv3 10 disabled
ospfv3 11 disabled
ospfv3 12 disabled
ospfv3 13 disabled
ospfv3 14 disabled
ospfv3 15 disabled
ospfv3 16 disabled
pbr 1 disabled
pim 1 disabled
pim6 1 disabled
plb 1 disabled
private-vlan 1 disabled
privilege 1 disabled
ptp 1 disabled
rip 1 disabled
rip 2 disabled
rip 3 disabled
rip 4 disabled
rise 1 disabled
scheduler 1 disabled
scpServer 1 disabled
segment-routing 1 disabled
sflow 1 disabled
sftpServer 1 disabled
sla_responder 1 disabled
sla_sender 1 disabled
smart-channel 1 disabled
sshServer 1 enabled
tacacs 1 enabled
telemetry 1 disabled
telnetServer 1 disabled
tunnel 1 disabled
udld 1 disabled
vmtracker 1 disabled
vni 1 disabled
vnseg_vlan 1 disabled
vpc 1 enabled
vrrp 1 enabled
vrrpv3 1 disabled
vtp 1 disabled

On the other note, if you like to be N9K to be athoritative NTP Server.


suggest to  config as ntp master


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It has been set as NTP Master 1

Any other ideas?

Reza Sharifi
Hall of Fame Master Hall of Fame Master
Hall of Fame Master


Try enabling cfs first and ntp distribute

cfs distribute


The switch accepts CFS Distribute, however NTP Distribute errors out as an unknown command

Any other ideas?

I dont see the command as supported on the 9ks in any config guides ,onky 7ks show it and as Reza stated thats how it is turned on in nx-os when supported ,cfs first then ntp distribute

Ok, is there a way then to turn on NTP distribution on a 9K?

Any answer this question?


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