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Port forwarding on webui c9200L on router (dhcp client on router)

Level 3
Level 3

I have a new C9200L at a remote site, there are also C2960-48 and C1111-4P from the equipment, all this without AUX ports, earlier with other devices I just set a static ip on the router port and did NAT, but this does not work with the C9200L , telnet to port 443 passes, but the web hardware does not open, I read the documentation, it says that it is necessary to register the client-id "webui" in the windows registry, registered in the router on

interface GigabitEthernet0/0/0
ip dhcp client client-id ascii webui
ip address dhcp
ip nat inside
zone-member security Branch-Servers
negotiation auto
spanning-tree portfast

but I never received the address, maybe someone has already tried to set up a remote piece of iron in this way?

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Hall of Fame

Not sure we get this right ? where did you make this configuration? from where did you access GUI ?


give some network diagram to understand and suggest.



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I have a remote site, there is only an isr1111-4P router on it, there is no AUX port on it, there is nothing on this site where there is a console, the C9200L switch came there, it needs to be configured, so I wanted to try forwarding the port to port 443 on this switch, but according to the instructions, to get the dhcp address, you need to write the "webui" line in the dhcp client, I registered it all on the router, but it does not receive the address, that's why I asked if it would work like that or not

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