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Port Forwarding. Please help



I'm looking for a guide to do port forwarding with the pix 501.

Well here is what I've done so far:

I tried to add a translation rule to forward the port 7895 to the ip address

I used

static (inside,outside) tcp 7895 7895 netmask

and then i got it like this

<img src="" alt="" border="0" />

But as soon as I try to click on this rule and change something, lets say the port number i get an error, saying I'm in conflict with the older given rule:

<img src="" alt="" border="0" />

I read that I have to add an access list too. I've done that by writing

access-group outside-inbound in interface outside

access-list outside-inbound permit tcp any host eq 7995

my access rules look like this:

img src="" alt="" border="0" /> <br />

What did I do wrong? I'm very frustrated and hope someone can help me


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thanks a lot for the answer

Well, i still have the problem

As I mentioned and shown in the picture, there is a rule conflicting with the rule I want to add.

if I remove the other rule the internetconnection fails totally. I have to do some testing too but i'll rate you as soon as I got it and I hope thats soon.

I added the rule and the other rule is below which is conflicting.


but get the error




I got the problem solved

and as I think a picture says more than 100 commands.

For port forwarding forward redirect redirection with cisco pix 501 using pdm you do as in the pictures attached.

I forwarded port 15177 in this example. You can use it to get a good id with bittorrent emule. No more low id, fast transfer now.

in translation rules open the wanted port and in access rules add a rule allowing any port to the ip.

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