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Problem with link aggregation on switch and controller

Here is my scenario, I have two workstations running 7 Pro, each has a quad port intel card (PCIe) which I have created teams for on both sides using link aggregation. On my switch, a Cisco SG500X-24, I set up two LAG's with 4-ports each and have both servers connected as necessary. I turned on Jumbo frames and disabled energy saving. The teams were set up without LACP turned on, however I tried it with LACP and I also ran into the same problem.

Both workstations have a 26TB arrays running in RAID 6 (so plenty of read/write speed), however, with this setup, I can only get about 100MB/s (single port speed) and multiple data streams cause the speed to divide. Only single ports blink on the cards as well.

Questions 1 is probably a no-brainer, but it's my first time setting this up, but once this is working properly, would it allow a single file to transfer at ~400MB/s or would I need to start multiple datastreams to take advantage of link aggregation.

Question 2 is what do I need to change to make the link aggregation work?

I do have a little linksys router plugged into a non aggregated port to do DHCP but that wouldn't mess anything up, would it? Considering I can unplug it once everything is talking, all the transfer should take place at the switch level, correct?

Any help would be appreciated

Thank You


Problem with link aggregation on switch and controller

Hi Chris,

How have you got the team configured? Are all ports active or are some configured as standby adapters?


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