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Learned ones! :-)I have a multi-site network which is shortly, thankfully, to become much faster with the implementation of some dark fibre running at a minimum of 1 gig (10 if I can convince the pwoers-that-be to splash out for the requesit optics a...

darren.g by Level 5
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Hello,I have the task of replicating the router config on a 3825 router on a 3750 switch. Reason is we are taking out the router and replacing it with the switch to make use of the router for other functions.Below is main part of the router config:!i...

Hi all,I had layer 3 switches Providing DHCP to clients.Users connect to access layer switch and that has trunk connection to layer 3.Layer configip dhcp snoopingip dhcp snooping vlan 20Now layer 2 switch has no dhcp snooping config.When user connect...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Resolved! Switch SG 100D-08

I want to expand my network with this switch. I have a cable from a DSL router directly connected with a network device. Now I want to connect first from my DSL router with the switch and then from the switch to the network device. But which port of ...

gerhard-s by Level 1
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Hello, on a 2960 switch, is the default switchport mode 'dynamic desirable' ?How can I see what the swtichport mode is. When I do a 'show run' nothing regarding switchport modes is visible ?Thanks for any help.

fran19422 by Level 1
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                   Hi all,Since i  enabled login failure and success logs on my router i see these messagesJul 27 06:00:50.084 MST: %SEC_LOGIN-4-LOGIN_FAILED: Login failed [user: root] [S                                                               ...

mahesh18 by Level 6
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Adding a vlan 820 to existing port channel trunk which currently allows many vlans.Question is:What is the best way to add vlan820 with least impact to network. Portchannels from 6513 core with IOS to Nexus 5k(Already have a change window)Copy existi...

Hello ! I've got headache to try to solve a lab . The situation include 2 cisco routers an 2 switch 3550so we have  Router A  in Vlan x access ----->Sw1----Trunk----Sw2<------Vlan y Access Router BI 've to enable rip1 on guys A and B ONLY !!! Avoidin...

Hi,I have Ciscoworks LMS and I am trying to configure bandwidth utilization in it.While going into campus manager-->visualization-->RMON configuration, i am getting the attahched error..It will be very helpful for me if I configure the bandwidth util...