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Problems with mapped network drives after implementing Catalyst Express 500

Kjetil Fleten
Level 1
Level 1

A custoumer have 4 winXp hosts and a win 2003 server connected through a Catalyst Express 500 switch. The hosts have a network share mapped on the server. After implementing the switch, hosts periodic loses connection to the mapped network drive.

There is no alerts on the switch, and no events in the alert log. I have downloaded Cisco Network assistant, and connected it to the switch. When connected with this, I get lots of system messages ! Some of them are severity 3-errors with interfaces changing state. All hosts ports are configured with "Desktop" role. The server port has "Server-Business" role. There is also a non-cisco router connected to the same VLAN. The port role for this port is "Router"

What can the cause be ?

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Level 4
Level 4

Do you get any error messages other than the switchports' going up and down?

If the hosts and server are in same VLAN, then try changing the role to "Server-Critical".

If the hosts and the server are in different VLAN, make sure that the router performing the inter-vlan routing is configured with 802.1Q trunking.

Refer to the "Catalyst Express 500 Series Switches Configuration Example"

I found the problem:

Many workstations ships with Gb NIC. The catalyst express have a maximum of 100 Mb on most ports. By setting the workstations NIC's to 100 Mb/Fd the problem was solved.

Make sure the switchports are also hardcoded or you will get all kinds of errors and slow response .

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