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Problen sending traps SNMP V3?

Hi, i have a problem sending traps to the SNMP manager.

I used the next configuration

snmp-server engineID remote 5155455354

snmp-server view sisa iso included

snmp-server group grupo v3 auth

snmp-server user user grupo remote v3 auth md5 pass

snmp-server user user grupo v3 auth md5 sisapass

snmp-server host traps version 3 auth user

In the SNMP manager i configured the user: user and te password: pass and from the SNMP manager I can access to all MIB with no problem,but I can´t received no traps from the Switch, is there some wrong with the configuration.

I modified the configuration deleting the line  snmp-server host traps version 3 auth user and configurating the send of traps with no authetication, I mean adding the line snmp-server host traps version 3 noauth user anf deleting teh user and password in the SNMP manager and doing that I received traps.

What is the problem?

Thanksyou for answers.


Can anyone confirm if traps snmp v3 it really work?, please check the configurations and suggest what can be wrong? I modified the send of traps command changing the version to 2c and the traps arrive to the manager.


I know my reply may be too late for you   ,

Try enabling snmp traps on the device.

snmp-server enable traps


Dheeraj Gera
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Please add the following command if it's still not working:

" snmp-server group grupo v3 auth read sisa write sisa notify sisa"

The above command will enable write read and notification(traps or informs) for the specified users belonging to this group and thus if the " snmp-server host statetement is configured with teh same user, you will recieve the traps on the specified Server.

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