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Hi all,I want to know what is the best way to black traffic inside the same VLAN, this VLAN is a user VLAN, it means that I am talking about access layer.I wanted to use private vlan, but C2960S doesn't support this feature.can you advise me another ...

hi all, i am sorry if this is the wrong forum but kindly someone tell me (or refer me a link) which tells the official learning hours for ccnp security ??                  

Jonn cos by Enthusiast
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Can 3560-X support RSPAN with VACL configuration on the single switch, like in the following example:vlan 100 remote-span!interface GigabitEthernet4/5 description Monitor Port no ip address!interface Vlan10 ip address!interfa...

vciric by Beginner
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Hello all,Since my company uses 'own fabricated' switches (in collaboration with cisco, everything is cisco enabled) i had a little question. Note that the main difference is that there is a webinterface in which most setting can be made instead of t...

Hi,I am running a network comprising of Catalyst 6513's with SUP7203B's. at present we have 800 VLAN's as we make use of a VLAN per access layer switch model.I know have a problem that as soon as I enable multicast routing my SUP720's CPU runs at 100...

deanyoung by Beginner
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Hi,I need to know the cisco 1721 router support to IPv6 & it support to IPv6 then which IOS is required for it.Also I need to know the cisco 2960 switch is support to IPv6Regards,Milan Verma

milan_ver by Beginner
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Hi,I trying to troubleshoot routing issues on a network i'm new to.I just did a traceroute to an IP address for an offsite office we have,.. Would this suggest a loop in the network?Tracing the route to  1 0 msec 0 msec 0 m...

SSlacks2a by Beginner
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Hi everybody.We  connect router say to a computer using a cross over cable, router uses pins 1,2 to transmit and pins 3,6 to receive.My question is why do we need two pins to transmit? Can we not use just one pin to transmit say pin 1?What is the ben...

sarahr202 by Contributor
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Blocking Ports don´t send BPDUs, but they can receive them from designated ports.Blocking ports, can it hold BPDUs? I think that Blocking Ports only receive, analyse and then discard the BPDU.But, what happen if the blocking port receive a better o w...

Juan Urti by Beginner
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