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QoS configuration in "Lan Base" image

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Hi community


It was a while since I worked with Cisco hardware. I bough a WS-C2960CX-8PC-L for use at home. I have an agreement with my provider to terminate my own 1/1 Gbit fiber directly into my equipment. I have untagged internet coming as well as TV which is VLAN tagged. Everything is set up and works perfect.


After some reading I can see Cisco IOS is tricky with QoS as QoS has so many different ways regarding configuration. And after some more reading it seems QoS is configured different in different IOS images as well (i.e Lan base vs IP base). I cannot do a simple task as give priority to my TV VLAN. This as it is not a supported config to give priority to VLANs in the IOS "LAN Base" image. And there is no "IP Base"image available to my switch. 


One TV box is sitting directly into an ethernet port in the switch (port prio would solve that). The other TV boxes are connected over a few Aruba IAP 225 APs as the TV VLAN is extended into the APs (must be priority of multicast, MACs or anything orher than ports)


The question is... How do I accomplish to give priority to a VLAN in the switch running "LAN Base"? Or any other suggestion to accomplish this is very much appreciated...


Tnx in advance





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Hi @pos42

I am attaching a doc to help you. You need to enable the QoS at interface level.

But keep in mind that QoS is supposed to be end to end so that any tag will be ignored and best effort will be applied on the nest Service Provider devices.


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I think you provided most of the answers already yourself. The 2960CX does port based QoS only indeed, not on a Vlan level. What brand/type are the TV boxes ? Do you know if they automatically send a CoS or DSCP value (as e.g. the Cisco IP Phones do) ?

Looking at the command reference, I think you can only do policing, which is probably not what you want. The best option is likely to configure 'priority-queue out' on an interface level.

That said, what is your bandwidth ? Since you have a Gigabit link, do you actually experience congestion ?



By momentarily and quickly draw 700-800Mbit can cause a few seconds pixels on the TVs. It is not a biggie :) :) :) But if it is easy I would like to give the TV traffic priority. One way could be to let my OpenBSD firewall take all traffic in as this is easy to handle there. But if possible I want to try to fix this in the

WS-C2960CX-8PC-L  switch directly and make the TV independent of the firewall. (I today regret I did not get the bigger switch that could run IP Base image)


This the internet interface against the provider... 


interface GigabitEthernet0/12

 description "FIBER IN FROM ISP"

 switchport trunk allowed vlan 221,99

 switchport trunk native vlan 99

 switchport mode trunk

 switchport nonegotiate

 no cdp enable

 no lldp transmit

 no lldp receive



TV box interface.

I guess just prio this ethernet port over all others would solve the TV stations connected to this port


interface GigabitEthernet0/11

 description "Sappa TV"

 switchport access vlan 221

 switchport mode access



TV box over wifi VLAN on this port. I could live with that this is harder to accomplish this over the AP as it is not possible to give prio to a VLAN in the IOS LAN Base image.



interface GigabitEthernet0/5

 description "AP1 - Upstairs"

 switchport trunk allowed vlan 50-60,221,898

 switchport trunk native vlan 3000

 switchport mode trunk

 switchport nonegotiate




The easiest start would probably be to prioritizing ethernet port 11. Example configs would be very much appreciated as it is a lot to read to fully understand the QoS on this Cisco switch. 



Tnx in advance




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