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Removing 3750g from stack


I have an 8 switch 3750g stack

I want to seperate switch 1 & 2 and 3 - 8 from the stack to make 2 stacks of 2 switches and 6 switches.

Whats the best procudure to do this and retain all the vlan info, etc.

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I found a TAC case on how NOT to partition a switch stack here: But it seems that you want the opposite.

But the same article provided the answer to your question anyway. Here's an excerpt:

"Removing powered-on stack members causes the switch stack to divide (partition) into two or more switch stacks, each with the same configuration. If you want the switch stacks to remain separate, change the IP address or addresses of the newly created switch stacks."

So based on the above logic, you should not power down the switches and just remove the stack cable between switch 2 & 3. That should effectively divide the stack into two stacks. Then you can just change the IP address of one stack immediately afterwards.

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You have to think about this carefully , specially if the 3750 is doing any routing . If you separate the stack and it is routing then you have to have different ip addresses on each stack . Not sure what your reasoning is with this is but I would carefully review what you have now and what would happen if you break them apart .

The 8 switch stack is doing intervlan routing. I want to seperate the 2 switches for this routing. take the remaining 6 and just do Layer 2.

Whats best way for this.

The best method (in my opinion) is to do this:

Seperate the 2 switches from the other stack entirely. Modify the configuration as necessary to fill the new role. Create a trunk port to uplink your new 6-switch stack into.

The 6 switch stack will have one node assume the master role and use the previous configuration. Modify the configuration on the new master to have a new IP, no layer 3 routing info, etc. You basically are going to need to modify the previous config to support only the layer 2 configuration. Set up a trunk port to trunk to the layer 3 switches. Remove the old switches from the stack list (from 'show switch'). Set the default gateway to the layer 3 switch(es). Save the config.

Connect the two stacks on their trunk ports. Everything should be good to go.

Hope that helps... Rate if it does.

Whats the best way to reconfigure the switches. So for the 2 stack, I do a


#no switch 3 provision ws-3750g-12s

for each switch that being rmeoved from the config or is there another file I need to modify?

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