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Replace 9500-24Y4C VSL pair



We have a working 9500 VSL pair configured for layer 3 services that needs to have one of the members replaced.  The switch that needs to be replaced is currently the "Active" switch.  I've been looking around for documentation on a procedure that outlines how to do this without the risk of a downtime (dual connects for all downstream and upstream links) or loosing our config.  The last time I did this I did it with a pair of 4500-X switches configured for VSS and the config ended up getting overwritten - huge pain because it was acting as a distribution router (same as this pair).  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: Replace 9500-24Y4C VSL pair

9500 StackWise Virtual ( you mean VSL ?)


VSS and StackWise Virtual - no difference here, Cisco new Terminology on IOS-XE ( personally I feel)


1. we have done several VSS replacements and also SVL recently

2. i do not see any difference its like you replacing Faulty unit with new One.


Steps high level -


1. make sure you write the configuration

2. Switch over the Roles first before replacing Active ( so secondary become active here).

3. Make sure New 9500 has the same hardware (the one you like to replace), same IOS-XE - prepare offline all.

4. backout full config out of the box.

5. After switching over the role of member check all the service working as expected.

6. Then shut down the Active (now standby)

7. Add new Device into Position racking / Cabling.

8. Power on - Connect the console cable both the device, monitor boot process.


it should come online and detect peer devices and join SVL.





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