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Selective QinQ Tunneling?

Marcin Kurek

Hi Guys,

I have a hard time configuring selective QinQ on 4900M platform. What I would like to achieve is to have some VLANs (e.g. 1-5)  put into QinQ VLAN (e.g. 699) and to pass other VLANs (e.g. 132,133) without outer tag. Here is my configuration:

Switch(config)# interface gigabiethernet0/1
Switch(config-if)# switchport mode trunk
Switch(config-if)# switchport vlan mapping 1-5 dot1q-tunnel 699
Switch(config-if)# exit

However, if I understood the configuration guide correctly the traffic coming from customer network tagged with VLANs other than 1-5 will be dropped.

Every suggestion is welcome

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Andrew Gossett
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Kurk,

I put this into the lab real quick with ME-3400E's.  On this platform, traffic not matched via vlan mapping command are transmitted unchanged.  However, as you stated, 4900M configuration guide clearly states "Packets with unconfigured vlan_ids are dropped."

With that said, it may be possible to implement a workaround by adding a bogus tag and then stripping it.  For example:

Traffic from vlan 132 and 133 should leave on the uplink with thier original tags whille vlans 1-5 should have the S-tag of 699.  It works in a lab setting for me-3400's.  I imagine it will also work on the 4900M.


Hi, Andy,

Your solution is very good idea for the selective Q-in-Q unsupported platform

I've known that N7K also don't support the selective Q-in-Q until now.

If so, is also the selective Q-in-Q available in N7K as your statement ?

Thanks in advance,

- Sungmin 

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