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Server not reachable through 4506

Vlad Olteanu
Level 1
Level 1

Hi Guys,

  I have a strange issue and I have to admit I have never dealt with something like this before.

  Here is the problem:

   One server is reachable from everywhere in the building, including from our secondary building over P2P links.It pings, telnets, trace etc , everything is fine. Except from one cat 4506 switch. None of the PCs connected to this switch can ping this server( suddenly) even tho' it was working fine till now.

   I need to mention that the PCs connected to this switch can access everything else, except this server.

   There was not STP topology change, no errors in the logs and I am kind of lost as in where to look anymore.

   There is no loop, no err-disabled port, the root switch is properly elected, no UDLD detection



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Vlad Olteanu
Level 1
Level 1

To add, from the switch's IP address I can ping that server and they are not in the same subnet.

Hi Vlad,

So the problem you have is you are able to reach the server from this particular switch but not from the any PC's connected to the switch..Right?

Could you please share the trace output from the PC's and switch to the server?

Do you know if you are using any static routes on the server? I would check that first..



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