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Hello we had few instances where 3 different 6509s goes to rommon mode in the middle of the night. when we bring them up (switch off /on) it boots normal without having to type boot. also there was nothing in the log file about what happened.Any idea...

tamike100 by Level 1
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   I need some steps on how to upgrade my supervisor engine on my C4506 switch.Currently:  sh verMod Port Model              Serial #              Versions--- ---- ------------------ -------------------- ---------------------------------1   2    WS-X...

amclane by Level 1
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HI,I have a question are the Cisco ASR 1002 router power supply hot pluggable?I have a failed power supply on P0 and i wanted to know if i can replace the faulty power supply without having to power down the router.Thanks,Jack

gscalia01 by Level 1
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Wondering if anyone can provide a little information on a possible issue that I am having with a Cisco 2911 Router. Over the weekend we received SNMP fan alerts.Here is what Show Environment reports. My question is about the FAN TRAY: MISSING. Has an...

arell1234 by Level 1
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Hi allI'm looking at at 4507r+e with dual supervisor 7 I want to run vss, however does it support quad supervisors?I hear the second one will have to be in rommon?In a failover how would I get the 2nd supervisor working ?Would you need to manually bo...

Resolved! about CSMA/CD

Hi, everyone. Now i was confused by the CSMA/CD. as we all know this protocol work in the layer 2. and this protocol promise only one connection can trasmit or receive data online at one moment. if so ,Can PC-A communicate with other clinets int the ...

yuanguitao by Level 1
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Hi,I have a proxy box which supports WCCP. However, I have tried following the cisco limited material and it doesn't seem to be working...at all. I'm not even get loss of internet on the clients which I would at least expect.So my setup is as follows...

edw by Level 1
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hi all, my 2610XM router IOS got a problem, so I am trying to reinstall the IOS,the exact hardware is 2610XM and it supports xmodem,I  have similar router installed with c2600-adventerprisek9-mz.124-19 (29   MB)I  tried this and tried c2600-i-mz.123-...

Hi Guys,I've IOS Crashed with Error message: System was restarted by bus error at PC 0x5CE650, address 0x0Switch model: WS-C2960-24TC-LSwitch IOS version: 12.2(44)SE1Switch IOS Image: C2960-LANBASE-MLogs file results:Dec 3 16:48:42: %PLATFORM-1-CRASH...

kamel by Level 1
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Hello.We are planning the supervisor upgrade on our 6509-E.We'd like to install new 2t supervisors.Now, 6509-e is running in hybrid mode.We have to update the system bootstrap version? Now is 7.1(1)Or this is mounted into supervisor?Thanks a lot.Dani...