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SG350-10p trunk port config for a cisco wireless access point? Anyone know why my access point doesn't light up?

Just wondering what the port config should be for a cisco wireless access point? Are there specific setting's needed for the cisco POE AP to be detected?

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Filip Knezevic
Level 1
Level 1

No, you don't need any special port configuration. AP should pick up the DHCP IP.
Alternatively, you can try to configure it manually with console cable.

Thanks Filip, I'll plug the AP cable into one of the standard 'access' ports of the SG350 unit. Will let you know..cheers

Sorry just checked & its not picking an ip address via DHCP? but the AP is being detected by the switch? Weird?

Thanks Filip the AP is now picked up by the SG350 switch, however the only thing now is that the AP isn't appearing on our access point controller? Must be a setting I need to set on the SG350 switch?

What region is the AP for? If there is a mismatch of a region it's licensed for it can create issues like this.

Did you try to connect to it via console cable and set the IP manually?

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