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Sites with multiple office locations sharing a router(PBR with multiple BGP sessions on one router)

Raghavendra Rai

Dear Excperts,

I have a requirement where 3 different offices of one organization (1st floor,2nd flloor and 3rd floor) needs to be connected to their own MPLS cloud as shown in the attached diagram.

MPLS connectity from cloud to these offices has 3 different bandwidths i.e

512kbps to office-1,

1 Mbps to office-2 and

2 mbps to office 3, but all 3 seperate links are going to be one single physical port with logical seperation done by ISP. Also this is BGP MPLS meaning customer end router to provider end MPLS router peering is via BGP.

Also there is a back-up satelite link which will be back-up for all these 3 links.

Now we have a challenge where we have to send traffic belonging to office one via logical link one. office 2 via link 2 and office 3 via 3 and for all these 3 links failover will be satelite link. please refer attached diagram.

Now my question is, is it possible to acheive this by configuring PBR with BGP running between PE and CE router?

Do i need to run only one BGP session as there are 3 seperate links are present, or do i need to run 3 different BGP sessions?

Can you please suggest?



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As I understood, if You have MPLS clouds from provider and MPLS connection, then all 3 offices have their own vrfs. It means that routing for each office is independent. Of course, BGP session between PE and CE will be only one, with address family vpnv4, in which all routes will be sent.

I don't know Your agreement with sattelite operator, but mostly it's simple internet with private dhcp ip and dynamic nat. If You have same router on other end, may be providers datacenter, then You can use dmvpn sollution. You'll need to make one additional vrf for satellite transport connection.

int fa 1

ip vrf forw satelite

ip addr dhcp

int tun 1

ip vrf for office1

tunnel vrf satellite

tunnel key 1

int tun 2

ip vrf office2

tunnel vrf satellite

tunnel key 2

Kind Regards,


No  no its one VRF, 3 different offices of same organization.

I want to know a way in which VLAN1 (office-1) traffic goes via link-1(512kbps) to MPLS cloud

VLAN2(office-2) traffic goes via link-2(1Mbps) to MPLS cloud

VLAN3 (office-3) traffic goes via link-3(2Mbps) to MPLS cloud.

And each link should failover to back-up satelite link. All 3 Mpls connectivity needs to be terminated on single port of a router  which is logically seperated.

to get clear idea please refer the diagram attached.



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