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Glenn Matthys

Smartports - not acting fast enough


I'm trying to set up a 3750-48PS-S switch with smartports. This is my (very simple config):

macro auto execute GrpMAC remote tftp://


macro auto mac-address-group GrpMAC

oui list 000423


macro auto global processing

The configuration works (the switch automatically executes when it detects a MAC address starting with 000423) but it's too slow. For example, if a DHCP client runs on the connecting node, it will already have received an IP address by the time the macro executes. If my macro were to switch VLANs, the node would lose connectivity as the VLAN it's going to uses different IP addresses, while the DHCP client has already done its business. Can this be fixed somehow?


I am having the same issue. I notice the switch does not respond and apply the macro faster than the system can attain connectivity to vlan1 (since the port is default)


I will be searching to find a solution but for now I am forced to sticky the affected ports to guarantee they come back as same vlan. Not my idea of a solution.

The only work around I could come up with was to assign static IPs to the phones that I was auto-detecting, forcing them onto the correct VLAN that the macro would (eventually) assign to the port. Additionally, if I attempted to set the phones for VLAN tagging the switch wouldn't even recognize them to start with. It was less than ideal, but since the phones don't auto register we had to touch each one anyway (Panasonic has some catching up to do with the rest of the market), and we only had a couple dozen, it wasn't too bad, and now all the moves-adds-changes will be fully automated. I attempted to contact TAC to see if there is some better work around, but gave up after spending hours on the phone getting nowhere. I have the impression that MAC detection is only there as a last resort, and we should all be using cisco end nodes that can be auto-detected with CDP if we really expect things to work.