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Stand Alone Configuration




I am trying to stand up a new stand alone network using three layer 3 3850's.  The back side of these switches will have several layer two switches to provide access connectivity.  I have created the vlans on the layer 3 switches and can communicate independently to the layer 2 switches that are directly connected to them, the problem is having the communication traverse the link between the two layer three devices.  Attached is a rough layout with base configs.  I am not able to get between the two "hub" layer 3 switches.  What do I need to add in order to pass vlan traffic across?

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configs and layout are not attached ?

Sorry I guess when it posted it stripped it off



post the running configurations (sh run) of both layer 3 switches, and indicate which interfaces are used to connect them.

They are currently on a stand alone network which means I cant bring the configs over to this network.



not sure what you mean by that. You have no access and cannot post the configurations ?

Cant transfer configs from one network to another based on policy.  Technically I could but cannot since external devices are not allowed on network.

Config for the Layer 3 siwtch on top either typo issue or real config not sure.


they need to be same subnet to communicate each other.




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what you are showing is a lan routed access design

Each access switch will have a routed port or svi of its designated vlan connected to the L3 switch running an igp such as ospf or a static route pointing towards it.

These subnets will be advertised in the igp (ospf) between the two L3 switches 

So can you confirm this is what you have presently?

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