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Dear , I have - (2) Switch 3850 - (1) NCS 540 - (4) Server As shown in the attachment, any one can advice me how i can config this topology in the NCS 450 as below  - Port between the NCS and SW-1 port trunk on VLAN 100 - Port between the NCS and SW-...

No idea how this file got named the way it did but, how can I delete it?Switch#dirDirectory of flash:/2 -rwx 11461 Jun 15 2016 18:30:44 +00:00 old.config.text.old^[[D^[[D^[[D^[[D^[[D^[[D^[[D^[[D^[[D^FMG3 -rwx 8688674 Apr 20 1905 18:36:55 +00:00 c2960...

Hi,I was wondering what the purpose of Inter-VLAN routing is. Of course, it enables you to communicate with other VLANs. In a simple example:VLAN 10VLAN 20VLAN 30 Let's say Inter-VLAN routing should be enabled for VLAN 10 and VLAN 20 because those tw...

sandro1 by Beginner
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Hello,if i order a 9300 with network essentials, SWSS is included within all dna subscription.is it possible to download the newest IOS version within the SWSS ? SWSS is desribed as Software support, or do i need the SNTC for IOS updates ?thanks

swelsch by Beginner
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Hi guys,  I recently purchased IE3000 with IEM, however, after doing the initial configuration, it was observed that the device temperature is high as shown below. Does anyone can share information on this issue.   

Cisco IE3000Temperature.jpg
manue.pena by Beginner
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Software Release 1.7 & Software Release 1.8 able to support AAA, however there is no clue where to enable Authorization and Accounting feature, can confirm this 2 Authorization and Accounting feature have enable in Software Release 1.7 & Software Rel...

We recently experienced an issue on AVAYA 1608i DHCP assignment issue. We have a DHCP server on Fornite with VLAN 20( ).Switch uplink was configured with trunk with the allowed pass of multiple VLAN including VLAN20 Phone connected port on ...

chenran by Beginner
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I have two hubshub1 was connected to four pcpc1- was connected to four pcpc5- i want pC1 should ping pc5pc1 should not ...

ramakanth by Beginner
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Hello together :)  So I will try to explain my problem with my bad English and hope that somebody can help me with that.  I just bought a Meraki MX250 for our company to replace an older Firewall and I confugured it exactly like the old Firewall just...

Lavundi by Beginner
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 i have  port in switch with real IP , i need to connect access point to it and distribute range of IP to clients but when they are trying to reach internet they get the real IP how to configure the port in the switch and the access point