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switch SG-350 vlan config


I want to do SVI on my 3 L3 switch(SG-350 52 gig) I want to allow server and internet only in these switch so which mode i have to enble layer 2-3,Do i have to apply in all port or not???

layer 2-3.PNG


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you want to create an SVI = Switch Virtual Interface
but you are looking at the configuration page of Physical Interfaces
so this is not the right page, no need to change L2/L3 settings here

please check this document Configure VLAN Interface IPv4 Address on an Sx350 or SG350X Switch - Cisco

what are  that layer 2 and layer 3 option used for??when I can turn on layer 3? because i have to enable IP ROUTING so i guess that works on layer 3.

Just enable layer 2. As long as you created SVI and enabled IP routing everything else should be fine. The two options are just for how the switch operates. You can find more info here

correct, switching to layer3 mode, results in the port dedicated to tcp/ip traffic

go one level up in the document-tree to find more configuration documents


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