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Switches on LAN without IP Urgent

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Level 1

We have multiple switches install on our Lan but they don't have any ip address.

Since configurable consumer-level switches usually don't offer SNMP or

a way to examine the ARP table. How can I find those switches and assign them a ip?

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Logon to any of the Managed switches which have IP address and issue command "Show cdp nei deta"

this should give you the datails of all directly connected Cisco Switches to this Switch. Then follow the interface and do the same on the next neibour switch until you have reached to the required switch.

then console into the unmanaged switch and use Hyper terminal to configure..



How would the switch with an ip address recognize a switch without one?

Cdp runs at layer 2 so providing the switch is running cdp you will be able to track down what switches dont have an IP address, and hopefully if a logical naming convention has been used eg: __ you should be able to narrow down where the switch is, and walk to it and console in.

Level 1
Level 1

Also it is a good idea to built the visio diagram as you get necessary information using CDP NEIGHBOR command on each device; so you have a topology map for future use.

Once you build your topology work on your Management IP address range and assign each switch individually by consoling into each device and configuring them manually.

Good Luck and I hope you found the answer you were looking for.

I would also like to know if I can use wireshark to monitor only cdp packets.

I tried to built some filter but keep failing since i am new.

Thx for helping

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