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The Time Required of Upgrading Denali Version 16.3.6 to 16.3.7 on WS-C3850-24XS

Hi, all


I need to upgrade Cisco IOS Software [Denali] version 16.3.6 to 16.3.7 on WS-C3850-24XS.
Can I know the required time in advance? It takes time to upgrade the HW image by Front-end Microcode IMG MGR...


Thank you for your cooperation in advance.

Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Upgrade meaning the reboot or including the unpacking of the software?

Hi, Leo Laohoo

The upgrade means execution of the following command:

request platform software package install switch all file flash:/cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.03.07.SPA.bin

request platform software package install switch all file flash:/cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.03.07.SPA.bin

The execution of this command will take approximately 20 to 30 minutes.  This command will only PUSH the firmware to all the stack members.  

Because you're going from 16.3 to another 16.3 a microcode upgrade is not going to happen.

Reboot of the stack will be around 6 to 7 minutes.

VIP Guru

adding to @Leo Laohoo  post.


Follow below prceedure.


Depends on how many switches in the stack, as per my experience, it was took 10-15min to reboot and come in to live and ready to use.



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theer shouldnt be a microcode upgrade coming from that 16.3.6 to 16.3.7 , we went through it there other week , coming from 3.6.7b to 16.3.7 took about 25 minutes , we faced bootloader and micro upgarde and also had to convert first to install mode or esle it goes to rommon , without micro upgrade i would think it will be standard reboot upgrade maybe 10-15 minutes to upgrade from reload till its back online , going by some of ours that were already on Denali for us anyway

just make sure you have a maintenence good window incase something goes wrong , 1 hour you should be fine even if you ran into issues

Don't forget the OP hasn't informed us whether or not the switch will be operating in Bundle Mode or Install Mode.

yes thats what caught me out and when it went to the micro code upgrade it bricked the switch just stuck on flashing system light ,TAC jumped in said it shouldnt of happened,it should of went to rommon even though it was bundle and not intall , they replaced it at least

i put this together after for coming from older version to denali my help the poster if he has others in non denali versions like we did

A if switch is in bundle mode convert it to install mode – if already install you can move direct to section B
1 Check switch is in bundle mode in show version * 1 52 WS-C3650-48PS 03.06.07b.E cat3k_caa-universalk9 BUNDLE
2 Clean the flash with software command - software clean file flash:
3 Check flash is cleaned old images are removed
4 Re-added original .bin 3.6.7b from USB to local flash - copy usbflash0:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.07b.E.152-2.E7b.bin flash:
5 Expand the software - software expand file flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.SPA.03.06.07b.E.152-2.E7b.bin
6 Set the bootvar to packages and save -- boot system flash:packages.conf
7 Confirm Boot is – show boot - BOOT variable = flash:packages.conf;
8 Save and Reload

B Switch is now ready for Denali upgrade
1 Check switch is in Install mode in show version * 1 52 WS-C3650-48PS 03.06.07b.E cat3k_caa-universalk9 INSTALL
2 Copy Denali from USB to flash - copy usbflash0:cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.03.07.SPA.bin flash:
3 Use software install force command to push package - software install file flash:cat3k_caa-universalk9.16.03.07.SPA.bin new force
4 Accept reload after packages removed added through install - Do you want to proceed with reload? [yes/no]: yes
5 Confirm Denali is in place and in INSTALL mode with show ver - * 1 52 WS-C3650-48PS 16.3.7 CAT3K_CAA-UNIVERSALK9 INSTALL
Leo Laohoo
VIP Community Legend

Don't forget that command to perform firmware upgrade in 3.X.X is totally different in 16.X.X.