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Hi All, 


I had a device and it was in rommon mode and it was not letting me download IOS from console, so I found that there is a command "confreg" to change the console baud setting to 115200 and after that I restarted putty and changed the baud setting to 115200 and then restarted the device and since that time I do see that the device comes back in rommon mode but it is not allowing me to type anything so that I can change any further setting. I tried CTRL+Break and still its not allowing me to type anything, I tried rebooting the device several times and still the same issue, I tried CTRL+ Break just after the restart and still the same issue. 

Can someone please help me with this. 

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Charles Hill
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

Hello Mdakram12,

Are you seeing anything on the screen/jibberish when you press enter? 

Have you tried other baud rates on your pc?