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Unable to purchase contract due to device being on someone else's contract


Does anyone know how to access support files and downloads for a used device when a device is already on contract with a different company?  Seems Cisco is unable to support a device and will not allow me to purchase a contract because the device is already on someone else's contract.  I can't even give my money away!



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Reza Sharifi
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Try purchasing a support contract from whomever you purchased the switch from, if not and if the product is registered under a different name/company, you will not be able to get a contract for it.


Already tried that.  No vendor can purchase a contract because Cisco refuses to remove the existing contract.  I can send proof that I own the device, but that is not accepted.  It seems as if anyone who wants to purchase used is out of luck as there is no process to purchase support.  I don't see why this is a problem, multiple people can purchase insurance on the same vehicle, why can we not do this with switches?

Cisco works in different policies as per the buy policy, (not like Vehicle re-registration - it's a good idea though).


Buying a used kit with a Valid partner still valid, and the Partner can support the contract. or cisco does support refurbished equipment and a valid partner can support you.


if you buying directly from eBay or used goods which is not valid, cisco does not support that, and you are liable for that.


Not sure what device is this, is this for personal use or for business?






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Unfortunately that is not the response I have got from Cisco reps.  The device was purchased from a valid reseller and is still currently on an existing contract from a previous customer.  If I can prove via an invoice, and a serial number I should be able to add the device to a new contract.....well at least that logically makes sense to me.  My guess is some people have tried cheating the system and have ruined it for the rest of us.


This device is for a not-for-profit educational business.




valid reseller

if this is the case, the Reseller can support you with what you looking for (download new IOS ?), Seller may not transfer on your name, but the seller should has to access to all the cisco resources that are you looking for?



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