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Verify Netflow working on Catalyst and or even supported?

"show ip flow" commands do not work on a Catalyst 4507. 

I can do "show flow" but it is just to view basic exporter, interace, monitor, etc. config type info.
How do I verify if netflow is actually working on this platform?


I read at that this switch must have NetFlow Services Card (WS-F4531) but mine does not, however this doc is for version 12 software but mind is different (IOS EX version 03.06.06.E) so not sure if it applies.


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Can you provide what is the IOS running along with sup cards ?



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I cant past exact info on here but here is following:

IOS EX version 03.06.06.E

I dont have any NetFLow Sup on this platform. It can't support it without it correct?


How can I monitor different subnet traffic without Netflow? What I had in mind was to push Netflow data to a monitor application like solarwinds. Since monitoring SVIs within Solarwinds is easy, I was thinking of a way to somehow take L3 traffic that ingresses into this switch via a Layer 2 connection from a Transport Provider device, and somehow route it so they use their own dedicated SVI or something.

As per the IOS XE and 4500 concern they do support netflow, but we do not know what sup card is this, so hard to give accurate information :


you can find config guide here :





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It has:
SUP - 8E 10GE, model WS-x45=SUP8E-E

According to doc I believe it supports it without a special NetFlow card??

Now I am trying to find out what commands to show stats, cant figure it out by using ? or find it in docs.

as per the information net-flow should support on this platform as you mentioned.



what chassis is this chassis is X or E   - what License you have  ( Lan base, IP base,  Enterprise Services)


Lan base may have limitation.



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It is WS-C4507R+E

entservices license.


Looks like I see data when doing "show flow monitor/exporter/etc. statistics or something. I was looking for the similar "show ip flow" commands that are done on most routers.