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VSS Fallback

Ben Alex


What would be the best approach for falling back a VSS to standalone.

Once I convert to standalone I need to put back the config I saved orriginally.

when I do the restore( with copy backup_config running-config) I get a bunch of errors as the port-channel config appears first in the config.

In other words it is not a clear cut as I need to re-adjust.

So if anyone have a good suggestion please let me know. I will be doing a cutover next month and i want to be fully prepared for fallback.

Many thanks

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Rajiv B G

Hi Ben,

This should answer your question-


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Rajiv: When I convert to standalone will the switch returned to its orriginal config or do I have do it manually.

The link above is not detailed enough.

Thanks again.

Hi Ben,

Though i have not tried VSS to Standalone Migration myself, here is what i got from peer discussions and research

When it reloads all the VSS related config statements are removed, the VSL port channel is removed, the channel-group statements are removed from the local VSL interface configs. All of the other port channel configs remain intact with only the local interfaces obviously. All the config related to the peer switch is removed.

All the rest of the parts of the config remains intact. The peer VSS switch takes over as active, it retains the original VSS config. You can then run the same command on this switch to convert it to standalone.

  • After the conversion to stand-alone of each of the devices, the interface numbering convention will change from the VSS structure to a normal standalone switch structure.
  • The virtual-switch-specific portions of the config will disappear.
  • The VSL links, previously up, will remain down after the reboot of the first machine
  • It is not necessary to bring this link down prior to the process and is probably not a good idea.
  • Vlan configurations and interface configurations and all the rest of the config will otherwise remain the same.

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Regards, Sunil Khanna

Just to add more, you might like to read

Converting Switches from Virtual to Standalone Mode



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Regards, Sunil Khanna

Thanks. I will be able to try this in the lab in 3 weeks.

In VSS there is only one loopback and in standalone there are 2 loopback ( one for each device).

So I gues I will have to do some manual manipulation to restore exactly as the originals.

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