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Adding EPABX in CUCM

yogesh bhalerao

Hi All

I want to add EPABX in CUCM (10.5) , i want IP Phone to dial out using the EPABX ,


Any suggestions or the same and how to go about it


Thanks in Advance 

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Manish Gogna
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Hi Yogesh,

You may check the following post for similar query



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Hi Manish

Sorry for later reply, and thanks for the link, but i believe the document says SIP trunk integration

and VoIP calls between Siemens SIP phone and Cisco SIP phones 


I am specifically looking for PSTN calls via Cisco IP Phone using EPABX(Matrix) 

I knw of PRI QSIG method that works but except PRI QSIG can i use SIP Trunk and do PSTN calling via Cisco IP Phone

+5 to my friend Manish.

Yogesh - What Matrix PABX model have you got? Is it an IP-PBX?

If your Matrix PBX supports SIP trunking - then you can use SIP trunk for integration. Your Cisco phones will be able to call out from PABX. Generally its recommended to use an intermediary device like CUBE for dealing with inter-ops issues. CUCM-SIP to CUBE-SIP to IP-PABX

If you have a pure PBX then you will need to to run a cable from your PBX to a Cisco Router and use QSIG integration with CUCM.

Both ways your Cisco phones will be able to call out/receive calls to/from PBX.

Let us know if you have got any more questions.


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Hi Terry 

Thanks for your reply

current i have CUBE Routers in Front of CUCM ,

CUBE routers are having SIP Trunk with MAtrix EPABX (ETERNITY LE - V12R3 Release-4 and CUBE in Turn is having SIP Trunk with CUCM for VoIP Calling 

Matrix has SIP trunk card on it for SIP Trunk with CUBE 






Then you can use SIP for integration between your systems - inter calls should work both ways. 

Let us know if you have any more queries.


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