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Call rate/bandwidth only connecting at 768kbps

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I have a Tandberg Edge95 (F9.3.1) initiating a call to a Cisco SX20 (TC7.3.2) with VCS Control (X7.2) handling call setup. The bandwidth/call rate of the video call only connects at 768kbps. Here is what I've done and checked:

VCS default call bandwidth is set to 1920 and the call details on the VCS shows 1920 requested and allocated

SX20 default call rate is set to 1920 and the call details on the SX20 shows 1920 for transmit and receive call rate but the channel rate for transmit and receive is only 768

Edge 95 DefaultCall Call is set to 1920kbps but the call details show the call connected at only 768

TMS (13.2.1) phone book is set to auto bandwidth

Looking for suggestions on settings or configuration I may have missed. Thanks!

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Anthony Thomson

You may have bandwidth restrictions set on the VCS. Check on the configurations of the Default Subzones (as well as any other subzones), and the Bandwidth Configuration, and any Links or Pipes that might exist.  You probably have something there that is restricting the call bandwidth.

Thanks for the quick reply.   I verified the following on the VCS as per your suggestion:

Default Subzone and Traversal Subzone total bandwidth and per call bandwidth are all set to Unlimited.  There aren't any other subzones.

Default call bandwidth is set to 1920

I don't see any bandwidth settings in the Links section and there are no pipes configured.