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CON and Serial Number Issue for Telepresence

Ariq Ibne Aziz


Im going to purchase the smartnet for the below product.

    Product                         Smartnet                        Qnty


As I have to collect the serial numbers of the hardware so I little bit confused about the Serial numbers.

1. For CTS-SX20-PHD12X-K9 which serial number i have to use ? Camera or CODEC ???

2. For Microphone CTS-QSC20-MIC i have got 2 sets of microphone and there are 2 mics for each set. i have found 4 microphones now. So for purchasing the CON, which microphone serial numbers i have to collect ???

THanks in advance. Waiting for a reply.


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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

In my experience working with SmartNet, it all depends on how the items weee purchased, is: together with a codec or separate. The camera could be covered under the codec's serial number if purchased as a bundle or if the camera was purchased separately, than it would be covered under its own serial number. 

The microphone is covered under the codec's serial as it's a minor part to the codec, again this all depends on how these items were purchased to behind with.

You should reach out to a local Cisco partner, they should be able to help with SmartNet and making sure everything is covered like you want. 

This is the estimate

v.5 CTS-SX20-PHD12X-K9 SX20 Quick Set HD, NPP, 12xPHDCam, 1 mic, remote cntrl --- 2
  CAB-MIC20-EXT Extension cable for the Performance microphone --- 2
  PWR-CORD-UK-A Pwr Cord UK 1.8m Black YP-61 To YC-12  --- 2
  CTS-QSC20-MIC Performance Microphone 20 --- 2
  LIC-SX20-MS MultiSite Option for SX20 --- 2
  CTS-RMT-TRC5 Remote Control TRC 5 --- 2
  LIC-SX20-PR Premium Resolution Option for SX20 --- 2
  CTS-PHD1080P12XS2+ PrecisionHD Camera 1080p 12x Gen 2  for use in auto expand --- 2
  CTS-QSC20-MIC+ Performance Mic - for auto expand only --- 2
  LIC-SX20-DD Dual Display Option for SX20 --- 2
  BRKT-PHD-MONITOR Bracket mounting for 12x PHDCAM to monitor --- 2
  CAB-HDMI-PHD12XS Custom 12xcamera cable; HDMI, Cont. and Power (3m) --- 2
  CAB-2HDMI-3M HDMI to HDMI cable --- 4
  CTS-SX20CODEC-K9 SX20 Codec - encrypted --- 2
  LIC-S52010-TC-K9 License Key Software Encrypted --- 2
  LIC-SX20 SX20 License Key --- 2
  LIC-SX20-HD High Definition Feature for SX20 --- 2
  LIC-SX20-NPP SX20 Natural Presenter Package (NPP) Option --- 2
  SW-S52010-TC7-K9 SW Image for SX20 and MX200/300 (2nd gen) series endpoints --- 2

CON-ECDN-SX2PHD12 ESS WITH 8X5XNBD SX20 Qk Set HD, NPP, 12xPHDCam,1 mic,RC 36 2
CON-ECDN-QSC20MIC ESS WITH 8X5XNBD Precision Microphone 20 36 2

This is how it was purchased.

I will contact with local partner. but i need to do some self study thats why i asked the question.

SO i belive that the Codec's serial Number will cover everything. right ?

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