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EX90 booting problem


The EX90 is not booting up. So I can not reach it. Is it possible to do factory reset with any button or something on EX90?

Best regards,

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Hello Tufan,

I'm not sure which TC release you run during this time. Example :  TC5.1

In TC5.1 the following method will be used to factory defaulting the systems:


• When the unit is off, press and hold the power button

• Wait until the power LED goes dark and then light up again (approximately 10 seconds).

• Then release the power button and press it twice.

• The system will boot up and display a confirmation message on the video screen if the

process was successful.

If you run othe release, please check out the release notes on CCO.


Thanks Hans for the answer. I restored the EX90 to factory defaults but still I having the same problem. It doesn't boot up correctly.

How "far" does the unit boot? There's a document posted here which describes the booting process by looking at indications on the screen and or touch panel. Could you please check the document and explain what you see when booting ?  Do you have any IP connectivity to the device?

** document link removed - not publicly available**

Hi Danny,

I can not find the document. Could you please add it again.



the moderator of this forum pointed out me the link I provided was internally to Cisco. I am in contact with the moderator to check how I can post the data on this public forum. Stay tuned.