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ip calls to VCS Expresway call from external devices not connected

onur temel
Level 1
Level 1

hello friends

I got a problem in calls that orginated from external devices to the vcs expresway as format XXXX@vcserealip.


however there is no problem as kind of calls SIP URI format


are there any advices?


thank you.

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Patrick Sparkman
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

From my understanding of your issue, @VCS_IP calls fail, while @domain calls work?

You can create a transform on your VCS to convert the VCS_IP to your domain.  We have this same issue with our VCS on occasion, you can try the following, it should resolve your issue.

Pattern type: Suffix

Pattern string: %ip%

Pattern behavior: Replace

Replace string: <your domain without @>

We do the same as Patrick suggested, however, be careful when setting the priority of the transform so it doesn't interfere/clash with any search rules, or any other transforms for that matter, you may have in place.

I.e. we strip the suffix @domain for h.323 calls after the transform, before the call is sent to the VCS-C, so this search rule must have lower priority than the transform.

SIP calls is left alone after the transform and sent on its merry way with alias@domain.

(We use the same alias for h.323, SIP and h.320 calls which means the end-users will only have to remember the one address).


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Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Thank you for your answers.
Could you share The transform rule and regarding search rule please.
By the  way I cant  see anything on vcs expresway's search history regarding with ip calls.
Is three any kind of firewall issues?

You can use the transform Patrick suggested in his reply.

Try it and check that the transform works correctly by using the tool found under Maintenance/Tools/Check Pattern.

The priority you give the transform depends on your the transforms and search rules you already have in place as they all have to work together.

I.e. if you gave this particular transform priority of "40" and you also wanted to strip the domain after transform has taken place, and you gave this search rule priority "39", then this is obviously not going to work as intended as you strip domain from addresses before the transform takes place.

Our systems register to the VCS-C with Alias only for H.323 and Alias@domain for SIP, the search rule I'm using for the H.323 calls is very basic

  • Rule name: Incoming E.164 Alias dialling
  • Description: Transforms alias from number@domain to number
  • Priority: 30
  • Protocol: H323
  • Source: Any
  • Request must be authenticated: No
  • Mode: Alias pattern match
  • Pattern type: Regex
  • Pattern string: (\d+)@mydomain
  • Pattern behavior: Replace
  • Replace string: \1
  • On successful match: Stop
  • Target: Traversal Zone
  • State: Enabled

(Replace "mydomain" with whatever your domain is.)

As for calls not showing up in search history, do these failed calls show up in the VCS-E call history?


Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Please rate replies and mark question(s) as "answered" if applicable.

Just a short comment - you might apply this rule as a search rule on the VCS-E rather than a transform.

I have used are different approach, where you add a search rule, that changes the IP address of the VCS-E into the customer domain name.

You should be able to apply this rule both to H323 and SIP as a "Suffix" rule, unless the old "bug" where IP addresses only could be manipulated through RegEx.


Kind regards