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Priority packets when Telepresensing with different 3rd party systems

Hello! I have got a setup in which a Quickset C20 system communicates over the internet with Cisco Jabber for Telepresence endpoints as well as other Cisco and 3rd party H.323 telepresence systems. Even though the C20 sits on a public IP, LAN users are sharing a 1Mbps (upload/download) internet link with the C20 system.

Default Call Rate is 768kbps. On collecting call statics it shows 0.0% Packet Loss on the uplink (Transmit) whilst the downlink (Receive) is giving us an average of 11% Packet Loss. My guess was that traffic being downloaded by LAN users is competing with video traffic. The ISP has agreed to prioritizing traffic on the internet link.

Question is which traffic types do we prioritize on the ISPs side? I understand we cannot use DSCP values because not all systems use the markings.

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You probably have at least two public IPs, one for the Endpoint and one or more for LAN users.

They could prioritize all traffic to/from the endpoint IP over the rest of the traffic. (depending on how it is configured, you can disrupt LAN users traffic).

If they can put more details, you can ask to prioritize RTP/RTCP packets to/from the Endpoint and if posible, on the TCP/UDP ports used by the endpoint. (then you can include H323/SIP signaling ports).

Hope it helps.


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