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RTP Media Stream with "Third Party SIP Device" always through CUCM

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i have i quite strage problem on one of my customers locations:

we have a cucm 7.1.5(SU4) with the cucm in the datacenter. And we have a small location(branch office) which has a small wan connection to the datacenter (1MBit/s).

In this location we have several Kirk (Polycom) Dect phones which register as "Third Party SIP Device - Basic" on the CUCM.

(The problem is the same if i use the X-Lite SIP Client instead)

When this SIP Phones or the X-Lite Client dials a internal Number of the same location the RTP Media Streams goes directly from the SIP Client to the phone. But if they dial an external number the RTP Stream goes from the SIP Client via the wan connection to the CUCM and back via the wan connection to the 2901 H.323 Gateway (on the same location).

and of course if i now start a big download or upload i'm no longe able to complete the phone call because we have no QOS on the wan connection, because we don't want to make calls over this connection.

When i look at the Sniffer files with Wireshark i see that the CUCM sends his own ip adresse in the SDP Header for the RTP Stream to the SIP Client. And this of course is wrong because the RTP Stream should always reside on the branch office.

i tested this in my lab (CUCM 8.5) and it is the same. i used the "Standard SIP Profile" and a Basic Third Party SIP Device"

The SCCP Phones on the same location which are configured with the same Region, Location, Device Pools, Media Resources and which use the same Gateway for external calls do not have this problem.

In the Gateway configuration "MTP Required" is not activated and i tested it in my lab with some Cisco SIP Phones (9971) and they are also not affacted with this problem.

any ideas?

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Marwan ALshawi
VIP Alumni
VIP Alumni

do you have a SIP trunk to the external devices with MTP required checked ?

Exactly an MTP is being used either as above or allocated for DTMF.