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SX80 in Maintenance Mode

BW Dijk

With a number of SX80 codec's I noticed that they go in to maintenance mode, after a power reboot or a software update like in my case going from CE 9_15_0_13 to CE 9_15_3_26, and also tried CE 9_15_10_8

Most of the times A factory reset will fix the issue.


But to day the codec still came back in maintenance mode, uploading the TC7_3_21 did the trick, the unit got back in normal operation. Uploading a CE firmware is putting the unit back in maintenance mode. So I put back the TC firmware again so people can use the codec.

I read in other community topics, that it could be related to hardware memory issues.

My Question:

  • Is there a way to check the memory in the codec?
  • Why does the TC firmware work and the CE firmware not.
  • Could there be a memory addressing issue with the CE firmware?

I hope some one could share some practical information.

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