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Telepresence Ceiling Mic and SX80

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I have ordered an SX80 for a large room. This is my first time that I have ordered the ceiling mics as part of this. CAn you tell me if these are going to work natively as is. Looking through other threads, some are saying that I will need to convert from XLR to Euroblock in order to connect them...

Any ideas?

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What kind of ceiling mics are you referring to? Are you referring to Cisco Ceiling Mic Audio Science or other third party mics?

The SX80 was designed for AV integration and will work with most microphones out there. It uses professional euro block connectors which comes with the unit for audio mic inputs and audio outputs as well. You just need to cut the other end of the audio cable without a connector and connect to the euro block connector.

See diagram for your reference.

For more information see SX80 Physical Interface Guide.



I am referring to the Cisco Telepresence Ceiling Mic (CTS-MIC-CLNG-G2) not the Audioscience as that is discontinued.

My question is specifically, if I purchase the ceiling mic is it going to come with Eurobloc connectors so that I can connect it directly to the SX80 simply without any further cable works?

I specifically am asking this question as I need to know if I need an AV specialist to install the ceiling mic or if a cabling contractor can do it (as long as cable changes are not required)

Bit of a strange question, but I cant find info anywhere on this

You do not need any integrator to install this. There are a RJ45 -> Euroblock connector included in the packaging. This is specified on the data sheet provided in my post above. 



Thanks for the replies. I have read the data sheet a few times and its not clear (at least to me) that the cabling is RJ45 to euroblock.

So basically, you are saying to me that I will be able to connect this ceiling mic to an SX80 via an RJ45 to eurobloc connector which will be included in the packaging.

If this is the case, then that will be great and straight-forward. Again, thank you for clarifying

The older Audio Sciences ceiling Mics have an XLR Connector. to connect it to the SX80 you will need a converter. Cisco does have a XLR to Eurobloc adapter. I am not sure what the part number is.

Marius Nedregaard
Cisco Employee
Cisco Employee

Have a look at 

Cisco do provide a Ceiling Microphone, that are connected with RJ45 



I have a client that purchased the MX300 trolleys and CTS-MIC-CLNG-G2 ceiling microphones.

I have an issue where i am testing ceiling mic into an sx20 in our office, and when mic is muted i see the signal level into the sx20 and LED is red. When mic is live the signal drops off and says disconnected in the VU meter in the audio input levels.

I have attached 2 photos of the audio level meter with mic muted and unmuted.

Is there a fix for this?