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Using a Room Kit Plus as a Camera and Mic for a Laptop

On the Room Kit Plus, we can successfully connect to Polycom Real Connect, Zoom, Blue Jeans, etc.

But we often receive external MS Teams meeting invites that do not have any 3rd party bridge solution contained in the meeting invite.  What I would like to do is connect to the MS Teams meeting via my laptop, then use the Room Kit Plus as the video, camera. and microphone for the meeting.
Similar to using a simple Logitech solution.


Will this work?  If so how do I set it up?



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Nithin Eluvathingal
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VIP Mentor

AFAIK it works with Room Kit mini or Room kit using usb passthrough. 





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Bobby McGonigle

Hello @RobertFranetovich8578 ,

While it's true, out of the box, only the Room Kit Mini and Desk Pro can be used as a Webcam solution, there are a lot of other 3rd party technologies that can help facilitate this functionality for the rest of the Room Series endpoints.

Both Enrico Conedera, a TME from Cisco, and I have been working to help meet this need in our Project: USB Mode space in Webex.

You, or anyone else interested in this solution, can join the space by accessing this link

This space has 600+ community members, both vendors and customers alike, all providing feedback and driving this to be a better project. Version 2 of USB mode is also in a live beta at the moment as we're constantly working to improve this solution for everyone.

Enrico is the project Lead and has designed the scope of this solution and has put together line drawings on how to interface with several different USB capture devices. I have been writing the Macro to run on your video endpoint in order to make this simple to use.

This solution is compatible on the following Endpoints

  • Room Kit
  • CODEC Plus
  • CODEC Pro
  • Room 55
  • Room 55D
  • Room 70D
  • Room 70D G2
  • Room 70S D2
  • Sx80
  • MX700
  • Mx700ST
  • Mx800
  • Mx800ST
  • Mx800D

An blog has recently been written about the project too.

Bobby McGonigle
(He, Him, His, Himself)
Video Services Engineer, EU Svcs Communication & Collaboration Services

Bobby and I have finished and published Version 2 of the solution.  Better documentation, a completely new macro.  And, it is published on the web here:


Scroll down until you see USB Mode Version 2.

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